I used to struggle to make my money make more money, safely.

Even the best education in finance didn't help.

Then I got lucky: I became a professional investor, trained in ideal conditions.

Today, Train Money Brain gives you the shortcut. Build a safe experience through original games, and thrive like I do.

"I feel much more comfortable and clear when I need to make financial decisions"




“I always had difficulties regarding dealing with money. After meeting Ludovic and experiencing his coaching, I totally changed my mind. His approach made me think very differently about how to look at money. Ludovic‘s approach is totally counter intuitive, fun, deep, easy to understand. He helped me much more than any financial advisor. I feel much more comfortable and clear when I need to make financial decisions. Thank you Ludovic!”

Philippe Grall, Founder and President of Équilibre k.k.

"Totally counter intuitive, fun, deep, easy to understand"

"I actually think your process is brilliant, because what happens, is when you come to make a decision, emotion come into play, and most of the time when you trust your emotions, you end up making the wrong decisions. I think what you're doing is really powerful, you're acknowledging rather than denying your emotions. You're not denying it and making yourself robotic."


A deep conversation with Rishad Ahmed

Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker and Author

"One of the biggest thing you provide, if I could say, is that instead of you going to find out these lessons yourself, rather get someone to guide you, who has made those mistakes before and also, someone who comes from the industry, because you know what happens behind the scene."

The 3D Box

Build your process like a fortress.

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The DIY way

"I do it my way..."

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How Much?

Dealing with emotions

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"That's I think the confidence of knowing when to act and how to act that you're going to give them, because they're going to be in a role play, you're playing games with them, as though they'd been investment manager over a period of time, and it's very powerful."

You can find the full video on Rashid's Youtube channel by clicking here.




"For some activities, understanding is very different from doing. I think investing is one of those places where you need training. And obviously it would be safer if you had someone to help you learn how to drive, and get safely to a place where you feel very confident, and then you can be on your own."

Insights from a leader of the wealth management revolution:

Laurent Bertrand, Co-founder and CEO of Better Trade Off

"That's something we usually don't spend enough time on. We go with the flow, and we don't give ourselves the time to really examine what are the different options. Now if you want to do that, you need to know yourself, and you need to train your brain."

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As naturally as you drive