10 years in 10 days

You know what it takes to succeed in your job, and you want the same for your hard-won money. You want to THRIVE as an investor, just like your master the skills of business.

In this "10 years in 10 days" program, I teach everything I know about investing.

I transmit my accumulated experience from over 25 years of investment banking and entrepreneurship, over 10 years of professional investing.

In 10 days spread over 6 months, the full download is complete.

On each of those 10 days, you and I work together for up to two hours: this is the regular session. In between, you take the time to refect, deepen the insights, and work on your own, with the benefit of the ALL BAR OPTION.

This is the FULL DOWNLOAD, carried out through a unique transmission system: experiential training, build around the complete set of EXPERIENCE GAMES, the secret weapon unique to Train Money Brain.

When the foundations are in place, you drive, and I act as your CO-PILOT.

The "10y in 10d" program is highly structured, and completely tailored to your needs.


First session: 90 minutes

We will play the Deep Dive with a VR headset.

Or if you are not in Tokyo, we will do it through video like the original game.

Second Session: 90 minutes

We will use the frameworks and the experiential intelligence gained in the first session to explore a real, concrete investing situation.

No more games: this is where we CROSS THE BRIDGE SAFELY.

Third Session: 90 minutes

We will DEEPEN the exploration of the previous session. Or we will use the game in a different context: a business case, or a life situation where you face a risk decision.

10 years in 10 days